The doctor was ready at the appointed time so the wait was minimal. The doctor also provided me with lots of info regarding my medical situation and promptly called back a few days later to give me both results of tests performed but also to see if I was healing as planned.  ★★★★  RA — 2/26/16

Staff is very friendly, and helpful with details. Appointments are done quickly with doctors knowledge.  ★★★★  AN — 2/11/16

Always a good experience. Dr Chiu and staff are pleasant and efficient.  ★★★★★  GB — 2/3/16

I had surgery to remove a squamous cell carcinoma. I was very comfortable. During the wait periods while checking if there was need to remove more tissue, Dr. Chiu and staff came in several times to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. I was able to stay very relaxed.  ★★★★★  AG — 1/31/16

Excellent and very friendly  ★★★★★  JG — 1/29/16

Very quick and thorough!  ★★★★★  AB — 1/29/16

Dr. Chui and his staff are all friendly. I love coming here. Everything is always explained in detail. I feel comfortable being in Dr. Chui's care.  ★★★★★  LT — 1/28/16

I regret not choosing Diablo Dermatology sooner! I feel I've been given the best treatment tailored to me, and I've had great results.The Receptionists and Doctor are very professional and welcoming.  ★★★★★  JL — 1/22/16

Dr. Noel Chiu and his staff are professional, friendly and efficient. I am pleased with the suggested treatment and the positive experience with each appointment.  ★★★★★  NY — 1/21/16

Timely, professional and friendly  ★★★★★  AN — 1/18/16

Little wait. Office staff fast and efficient. Dr. Chui addressed my concerns and presented future needs. Personal and pleasant experience .  ★★★★★  JW — 1/15/16

Great service, great Doctor, great attendants, no problems.  ★★★★★  SH — 1/6/16

Excellent service  ★★★★★  MC — 1/5/16

Dr and his Staff were very professional , informative and welcoming. Very nice office , glad I found them.  ★★★★★  SS — 1/5/16

Dr. Elena was amazing. she really taking care of her patient taking as much time as she can answer all the question you need to know very professional.  ★★★★★  AG — 1/1/16

My experience was great and my doctor was informative.  ★★★★★  FM — 12/31/15

Excellent team.  ★★★★★  MR — 12/15/15

I always have a good visit with the staff at Dr. Chiu's hideout.  ★★★★★  ML — 12/9/15

My experience was very positive. Staff were very nice, communicated what was going on while I had my procedure done, were professional and at the same time made me feel comfortable. (I was a little afraid at first), as I was not sure what to expect.  ★★★★★  SJ — 12/7/15

I have been a patient with Diablo Dermatology since August of 2012. At that time I lived only about ten to fifteen minutes away from the clinic. In November of the same year, I moved, so, I am now about one and a half to two hours away. I chose to make the trip for my appointments rather than change, because I have always been so happy with the care and attention I receive at Diablo Dermatology Clinic.  ★★★★★  MH — 12/5/15

Great visit as usual.  ★★★★★  JV — 12/4/15

Exelent, fast, very hi quality and personal is very friendly great gob  ★★★★★  FG — 11/26/15

I trust the do the right thing for me. I love Shena's gentleness. The day does get lon and tiring.  ★★★★★  CU — 11/25/15

I enjoy coming to Dr. Chiu's office for my skin checks. I have a history of skin cancers and see Dr. Chiu frequently. It is always a pleasure to chat with him and his very nice staff. I had a procedure done on my arm and he was very attentive to make sure I wasn't feeling any pain. Explains what he is doing as he goes along. Very nice to know what is happening as it happens. Chatting with me kept me relaxed. Dr. and his assistant have very nice calming voices. Makes sure you understand aftercare, etc... Would highly recommend seeing Dr. Chiu for all of your dermatological needs!  ★★★★★  JB — 8/25/15


Been going to him for years.  ★★★★★  LG — 8/9/15

Great experience  ★★★★★  MC — 8/6/15

Busy dermatology office. Busy staff and doctor. Quick visit.  ★★★★★  VB — 8/4/15

Waited one hour past appoint the time  ★★★★  VC — 7/25/15

Wonderful care and concern! Very professional!  ★★★★★  JW — 5/12/15

I preach the Gospel, St. Jn. 3:16! When I'm under spiritual attack... itch, rash etc...I have ALWAYS found relief here. Dependable!  ★★★★★  PJ — 4/30/15

Very nice. I don't come in often enough.  ★★★★★  MJ — 4/25/15

I have always had a great experience at Diablo Dermatology. My needs are taken care of very professionally there and I feel comfortable going there.. I would recommend my family to go there.  ★★★★★  DQ — 4/17/15

Dr. Chiu provided excellent care, was very patient answering all my questions and concerns. Treatment was quick and painless. My only other comment was that I had quite a long wait after my scheduled appointment time. This was my initial visit, so that experience may not be typical.  ★★★★  SW — 4/12/15

Everyone there is so friendly and make me feel so comfortable. They answer all my questions and keep me informed of everything they are doing. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you!  ★★★★★  JF — 3/30/15

Always happy to visit Dr, Chiu and Staff. I always enjoy the friendly attitude of Staff and my little discussions with Dr, Chiu about my Grandson, I will be sending (2) more of my Grandsons to him very soon.  ★★★★★  ML — 3/27/15

Very friendly staff.  ★★★★★  CR — 3/20/15

Enjoyed my visit (sort of). As usual, had some pre-cancerous growths frozen. Dr. Chiu was chatty but very professional and prescribed an ointment that cleared up a case of eczema on both of my arms. I will return in June.  ★★★★★  RC — 3/13/15

Excellent service...Great Dr...  ★★★★★  AM — 3/12/15

Dr. Chui is a very understanding and kind doctor. We feel we are getting the best of care.  ★★★★★  AG — 3/5/15

Top notch, charming and professional.  ★★★★★  DQ — 1/28/15

Dr,. very knowledgeable, Although had to wait 50 minutes because they had a new person  ★★★★  MC — 1/28/15

Great Doctor, Great Staff, Would recommend to anyone .  ★★★★★  DD — 1/28/15

As always had a pleasant visit with the Dr. He went over everything with me, made sure I understood what he said and asked if I had any questions.  ★★★★★  KO — 1/24/15

Short wait time, always friendly..thank you!  ★★★★★  BG — 1/24/15

Excellent service  ★★★★★  RM — 1/20/15

Very friendly  ★★★★★  VC — 1/20/15

Have been happy in the past, but my last visit not very happy.I waited over 45 minutes waiting to see the Doctor and spent less the 10 minutes with the Doctor.  ★★★★  KO — 12/28/14

Friendly, courteous staff and a great doctor  ★★★★★  DB — 12/24/14

I am getting more beautiful skin every time I go for an appointment.  ★★★★★  PT — 10/23/14

Being an aspiring model, having acne was preventing me from pursuing jobs. But after the friendly sweet natured Dr. Chiu prescribed two external medicines twice daily, my face has stayed acne-free during the entire treatment.  ★★★★★  JL — 10/23/14

I feel relaxed with Dr. Chui  ★★★★★  RG — 10/20/14

Great knowledge and great service. Since their move the new location, front desk interaction has been much better and easier to make appointments.  ★★★★★  GH — 10/18/14

I highly recommend them. You are in good hands!  ★★★★★  HF — 10/18/14

Pleasant people and office. Appointment on time.  ★★★★★  GB — 10/18/14

I have been treated by them for about four years. Dr. Chiu and his staff have always been professional and friendly.  ★★★★★  SS — 10/14/14

I'm impressed I Went in after reading blogs they were not all good. After being treated I would not go to any one else. Staff very good doc awsome.  ★★★★★  DH — 10/13/14

I was seen at my appointment time and was treated with care. My questions were answered clearly.  ★★★★★  CM — 10/4/14

Very professional setting. Glad I came--so far.  ★★★★  EH — 9/22/14

Dr. Chiu is very professional and knowledgeable. He always answers all my questions during my visit. The front office staff are also very friendly and makes you feel welcomed.  ★★★★★  IA — 9/21/14

Overall it's a good practice where your concerns are valued and staff treat you with proper respect as a patient.  ★★★★  JP — 9/21/14

It's like dropping by to visit a friend, not going to a doctor to get stuff frozen off. Thanks Dr. Chiu for your knowledge and great demeanor.  ★★★★★  JR — 9/15/14

Dr. Is very nice as is his staff.  ★★★★  LM — 9/12/14

I've seen Dr. Noel Chiu several times now and he is a great doctor. But the last couple of times I've seen him, he was running late and I had to wait at least an hour until I was seen. The receptionist or the Medical Assistant didn't bother to notify me that he was running late. Also, I felt like he was rushing during my visit and he also made a slight comment that offended me regarding my weight.  ★★★★  NB — 8/25/14

Wonderful  ★★★★★  FG — 8/25/14

Their new office has a bigger waiting room. Very happy with doctor and staff. Keep up the good work. Husband & I feel we are very well taken care of. We thank you.  ★★★★★  AG — 7/15/14

great  ★★★★★  GK — 7/15/14

So far, I have had great service at Diablo Dermatology, Each visit Dr. Noel Chiu was very professional and attentive to me medical needs. He did not hesitate to recommend whatever test, medication I needed. My on concern is the online medical portal Diablo Dermatology emailed me to register with, to review my medial history, see my future appt., and to email my doctor (Dr. Chiu) with any questions or concerns. I did email Dr. Chiu with a question about my medical need, it's been three business days and I have not received a response. Also on my portal, it only list my upcoming appt., and my primary doctors name, it does not list the test I've taken or the medication prescribed. The portal needs to be updated and maintained. Other then that the office visits are great.  ★★★★  DD — 7/2/14

Nice environment, professional staff, warm and knowledgeable doctor.  ★★★★★  DG — 6/17/14

Always pleasant  ★★★★★  GB — 5/13/14

This was my first visit to Diablo Dermatology. The receptionist was professional and helpful. The check in process and health questionnaire was not too time consuming. I saw Dr. N. Chiu and found him to be very friendly and professional. He not only dealt with the skin problem I had come to have examined, but he did a complete examination of my skin to be sure there were no other issues. I will be returning for a follow up. I can recommend Dr. Chiu and Diablo Dermatology.  ★★★★★  PP — 4/26/14

I highly recommend Dr. Chiu. He is professional, provides excellent service, and is very personable. He is also a "family man" who deeply cares about his patients.  ★★★★★  GG — 4/17/14

Dr. Chiu and his staff are always courteous and professional. I have been seeing Dr. Chiu for approximately 5 years. His iexaminations are always thorough. When needed, all of pre cancerous and cancerous growths are removed with little or no discomfort.  ★★★★★  SS — 3/25/14

Awesome. Dr. Chiu is amazing. Great office, very clean. Assistants are super nice.  ★★★★★  MZ — 3/22/14

Very nice staff and i feel very happy with my treatment  ★★★★★  AB — 2/26/14

Excellent as usual!  ★★★★★  PB — 2/22/14

Nobody likes to go to a dermatologist to be biopsied, cut, frozen - whatever. But... if you do have to go and have treatment, this doctor is GREAT. He is so very thorough, kind and informative. He leaves little to no scaring. Thanks Doc!  ★★★★★  JC — 2/19/14

Outstanding  ★★★★★  BH — 2/9/14

Everyone in the staff was receptive , responsive and very courteous. Dr Chu was informative, very pleasant and understanding and modest. I have not seen this kind of good health care in a while. Keep up the great work guys!  ★★★★★  DM — 12/29/13